Hello and welcome to our church!

My wife, Sveta, and I have been married for 
17 years. We have two daughters, Anastacia 
and Milana. 

I have a B.A. in Journalism from Point Loma 
Nazarene University and an MDIV from Bethel 
Theological Seminary San Diego.

The Lord has led Sveta and myself to Russia 
(where Sveta is from), Michigan, San Diego and 
beautiful northern Maine.

Living in a different country and in other parts of 
America has given us a few cross-cultural 
experiences which help us to learn the ways of 
the Crown of Maine.

Coming from the outside has the benefit of bringing 
in a fresh perspective and new ways of "doing church."

Please let me know how we or the church can pray 
for and minister to you or your family.

We look forward to seeing you at church this Sunday!

- Chris, Sveta, Anastacia and Milana Hearn 

The First Baptist Church of New Sweden
17 Westmanland Rd.
New Sweden, ME 04762

The First Baptist Church

of New Sweden, Maine


December, 2016